At CoBallistic, we offer Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and create and manage Social Media Campaigns. Before we begin our services, we thoroughly research how the audience is currently reacting to existing brands in comparison to our client's firm. Our goal is to out-perform the competition by reaching a more targeted audience and increasing the number of leads to our clients. We provide a full customized online marketing strategy and we are able to adapt it to the ever-changing business environment.





Fast Launch

We launch within 24 hours of the client’s approval of our creative unit, ad copy and marketing strategy. We work with a variety of ad networks including:


Pinpoint Tracking

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” – Peter Drucker (Writer, Management Consultant)


Our clients know the exact sources of their conversions. They receive detailed information on searched keywords and phone calls. We focus on tracking and work with our proprietary products and top third-party platforms.



The power of knowing:

• The exact ad source for optimum traffic quality

• Precise budget allocation


• How to refine website us the advantage to optimize and re-optimize your online marketing strategy daily. We work closely with creative copy and programming teams to monetize our client's online presence.



SEM, SEO, Social Marketing



We get paid when You make Money

We work on commission.

Fast launch, Fast Return.

We launched with-in 24 hours after client's approval.

We look forward to serving you better.

30% of our clients left their previous online marketing partners to work with us.

More Leads To Your Site or Call Center.

CoBallistic's clients report a 40% average increase of ROI


Our collaboration is still going on. We are very happy with our experience, and the dedication their client services team shows is unmatched. CoBallistic employs people that understand SEO, SEM, and most importantly - the needs of their clients.

- Alex Kharlamov, Co-Founder, Loginaut

From the time TotalLocksmith started working with CoBallistic we began generating leads. We have used CoBallistic for SEO and SEM services.

-Steven Plous , CEO, Totallocksmith

After watching powerlessly as my company’s advertising dollars float away aimlessly through cyberspace, I finally found CoBallistic! For the past six months our online marketing campaigns went from vague to razor sharp. The results can be seen in marked increase of actual sales!

- Daniel Wise, CEO, Wise Master Planning International